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Whether you’re keen to try your hand at acting for the first time, or you’re already experienced on stage, The Bear Pit Theatre productions are open to you.

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Getting started

Some of our plays have smaller and/or non-speaking roles that offer those who want a taste of the stage, or to gain experience.

Seasoned Actors

If you already have experience on stage, then The Bear Pit Theatre Company offers a range of productions that will offer new and different opportunities.


All of our auditions are open to anyone and are announced on our website, to our mailing list, and on social media. We try and make auditions enjoyable and there is usually nothing to prepare in advance. Auditions for plays tend to be a reading through of the play or key scenes.

Bear Pit Theatre Company 2018 Season

2018 Season Audition dates:

Lilies on the Land

A revealing, funny and wonderfully moving portrait of four women who sign up to join the Women’s Land Army during World War II. The play was devised and first performed by the Lions part.

Based on one hundred and fifty letters and interviews with original Land Girls, along with songs from the period, Lilies on the Land charts the personal journeys of four women who join the Women’s Land Army – determined to work endless backbreaking hours on farms across the country in a bid to do their best for the War Effort.

But how do these women, all hailing from different walks of life, torn from their families and bereft of all basic home comforts, deal with the hardships of farming life and the pressures of war? Maybe work clothes full of mice and toilet rolls falling from the sky are just what it takes for these girls to get through…






The Bald Prima Donna

This is a hilariously maniacal assault on the banality of English suburbia. A family is discussed, every member of which is called Bobby Watson; a young couple is alarmed to find that they have been married for years.


Mr. Smith

A stuffy, boring middle-class Englishman. Very one-dimensional, talks in cliches and makes dull observations. Unlike Mr. Martin, he loves to disagree with his wife. His genericness makes him an everyman. At the end of the play, he changes roles with Mr. Martin.

Mrs. Smith

A talkative woman who goes on and on about what she ate, a parody of English bourgeois like her husband- talking in cliches, repetitive dialogue, constant bickering, and non-sequiturs. At the end of the play, she swaps roles with Mrs. Martin.

Mr. Martin

More accomplished and developed than Mr. Smith, as he can remember his wife, but he is essentially the same person as they trade places at the end of the play.

Mrs. Martin

Counterpart to Mrs. Smith, and wife of Mr. Martin, a more opinionated character, who may not be a deep thinker but has more to say than the other four main characters. Trades places with Mrs. Smith at the end of the play.


The pushy maid character, as seen in many of Ionesco’s plays. She works for the Smiths. She had a past relationship with the Fire Chief.

Fire Chief

Appears randomly to put out a non-existent fire. The most developed character, but the smallest role, the Fire Chief is the male lover/hero character in this play.

Hay Fever

Hoping for a quiet weekend in the country with some guests, David Bliss, a novelist and his wife Judith, a retired actress, find that an impossible dream when their high-spirited children Simon and Sorel appear with guests of their own. A housefull of drama waits to be ignited as misunderstandings and tempers flare. With Judith’s new flame and David’s newest literary ‘inspiration’ keeping company as the children follow suit, the Bliss family lives up to its name as the ‘quiet weekend’ comes to an exhausting and hilarious finale worthy of Feydeau.


Judith Bliss. Judith is an actress and has recently retired from the stage. She is married to David.

David Bliss. David is a writer, currently finishing his latest novel. He is married to Judith and father of Sorel.

Clara. Clara is the Bliss family’s housekeeper. She runs the household and the Bliss family rely on her.

Sandy Tyrell. Sandy is a young boxer and has been invited to the Bliss family house by Judith.

Myra Arundel. Myra has been invited to the Bliss house for the weekend by Simon.

Richard Greatham. Richard is a proper English diplomat, posh and good-mannered. He has been invited to stay at the Bliss house

Jackie Coryton. Jackie is a young, innocent flapper who has been invited to the Bliss family house by David.

Sorel Bliss. Sorel is David and Judith’s daughter and is 19 years old. She is clever and witty.

Simon Bliss. Simon is the son of Judith and David and a would-be artist. He is listless and self-centered

Blackadder Goes Forth

Blackadder Goes Forth is the fourth and final series of the BBC sitcom Blackadder, written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton. The series placed the recurring characters of Blackadder, Baldrick and George in a trench in Flanders during World War I, and followed their various doomed attempts to escape from the trenches to avoid certain death under the misguided command of General Melchett.


Edmund Blackadder


Lieutenant George

General Melchett

Captain Kevin Darling

Lord Flashheart

Baron von Richthofen

Bob (Female)


Sex Cells

In a busy call centre, the four female employees of Aphrodite, a sex toy manufacturer, take telephone orders for Teasey Maids, Titivators and rotating pearl g-strings. Beneath the cheerful customer service and easy banter, however, these very different women nurse their own desires and disappointments. Sylvie is desperate to have a baby, but her single-minded approach is taking its toll on her marriage and causing friction with her co-workers. With five children, Janice rarely finds time for herself or her husband. Tiffany is young and single, looking for ‘the one’, but wary of sacrificing her independence. Star employee Lily, meanwhile, is stuck in a loveless marriage and estranged from her son, but buries her pain in wisecracks and work. Their gentle and innocent manager Mr Causeway attempts to diffuse the tension between his staff while suppressing a longstanding crush on the oblivious Lily. Sex Cells is a very funny, poignant play about motherhood, friendship, love and loss.



Mr Causeway




If you are also interested in joining one of the Bear Pit production teams which will support each of these shows, then please also come along to the following audition dates for:

Auditions for The 39 Steps and Habeas Corpus have now been completed.

Auditions for The Bald Prima DonnaLilies on the LandHay Fever and Blackadder will be taking place this Tuesday 5 September at 7:30pm

Continuing with auditions for The Bald Prima DonnaLilies on the Land and Blackadder will be taking place this Wednesday 6 September at 7:30pm .

Concluding with auditions for The Bald Prima Donna and Lilies on the Land taking place on Thursday 7 September at 7:30pm.

On Sunday 24 September at 10:30am Sarah Methuen, will be auditioning for Sex Cells.

Updated September 2017