The Bear Essentials Podcast – Art: meet the cast

Roger Ganner, Richard Sandle-Keynes and Christopher Dobson give a brief introduction to the uproarious comedy that’s coming to our stage in April.

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Duration: 4 minutes 35 seconds

17 Apr 2024

The long term friendship of Serge, Marc and Yvan is shaken to the core when Serge buys an expensive contemporary painting without discussing it with the other two men. Marc reacts viciously to what he considers to be an incomprehensible action by his old friend while Yvan trying to be the peacemaker, falls foul of both men, and all three outwardly mature, cultured men degenerate into scrapping boys, chucking insults and fists at each other.

Art is on at The Bear Pit from 23rd – 27th April.

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