Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter

A Bear Pit Theatre Company Production

Noel Coward’s Brief Encounter, adapted by Emma Rice

Your heart dances. The world seems strange and new. You want to laugh and skip and fall forever… You are in love. You are in love with the wrong person. Laura, the respectable suburban wife, and Alec, the idealistic, married doctor, meet in a station buffet, fall passionately in love but are doomed never to find fulfilment.
This Bear Pit production marks the 70th anniversary of David Lean’s iconic 1945 movie, Brief Encounter, written by Noel Coward and was based on one of his one-act plays, Still Life, written a decade earlier.
Directed by Associate Artist, Nicky Cox


Tony Homer as Dr Alec Harvey

Natalie Danks-Smith as Laura Jesson

Richard Ball as Fred Jesson

Juliet Grundy as Myrtle Bagot

Steve Farr as Albert Godby

Charlotte Froud as Beryl Waters

Matt Collins as Stanley

& Lindsey Allwork as Dotty

 Check out an interview with the production’s director, Nicky Cox.


Performance Dates
4 - 12 December 2015
2.30pm matinee 5 December 2015

The Bear Pit Theatre, Rother Street, Stratford-upon-Avon

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