• Images by Meurig Marshall.

    Images by Meurig Marshall.

  • Images by Meurig Marshall.

    Images by Meurig Marshall.

  • Images by Meurig Marshall.

    Images by Meurig Marshall.

by William Shakespeare

A CoIn Theatre Company production.

CoIn Theatre Company’s “Hamlet!” examines human nature through the lens of Shakespeare’s rough black humour, and introduces a clown stunt in a new take on the classic. The international cast invites you – audience members who follow Hamlet as Horatio on his lurid journey – for an incredible fight against responsibility, guilt and morality. How can we deal with these terms? As the first line of the play says we have to ask of our characters; “Who’s there?”

CoIn is dedicated to international artistic collaboration across borders and cultures. One of the company’s main principles is audience involvement, which provides in each show various unique inside view. Hamlet! was first performed at the Landor Theatre in London as part of the LAMBCO Fringe Festival in 2014. Since then the company have received invitations from theatres throughout Europe; Russia, Hungary and Romania amongst others. Before the company performs the show at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2015 and start the international tour, they will first bring Hamlet! to Shakespeare’s birthplace for four thrilling performances.


Hamlet Benny Ainsworth

Ophelia/Gertrude/Gravedigger Natsumi Kuroda

Claudius/Polonius/Laertes Ben LaMontagne-Schenck


Design Ilka Giliga

Music Adrián Kovács

Choreographer Tracy Collier

Directed by Adam Burak

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Images by Meurig Marshall.

Performance Dates
9 - 11 April 2015
11 April, 3pm matinee

The Bear Pit Theatre, Rother Street, Stratford-upon-Avon

Running time
1hr & 15mins no interval

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