Heart & Heart

A Bear Pit Theatre Production

Written and directed by Paul Greenwood, this play is a dramatisation of the process of creative writing.

Eve is a writer who is struggling with ideas. She begins by bringing characters on to the stage/page and attempting to make them interact in some way so that she can create a story. She tries various ideas but nothing works. The characters talk back to her making suggestions and this leads to conflict.

Evelyn, who is Eve’s nemesis, alter ego, conscience and teacher, appears later in the play and she attempts to explain to Eve where she is going wrong. She makes suggestions and the characters sometimes side with her and sometimes with Eve. Eventually the characters begin to take over the writing of the story. Early on in the play a gun is introduced. One of the rules of drama is that if gun is brought on stage, it must be used.


  • Eve – Hannah Perrin
  • Evelyn – Jo Pearson
  • Tom – Elliot Gear
  • Adela – Lily Skinner
  • Helen – Zoe Mortimer


Production Team:

  • Director – Paul Greenwood
  • Stage Manager – Lynda Liddament supported by Steve Farr
  • Lighting and Sound Design – Richard Ball
  • Set Build – Chris Jackson
  • Costume – Susan Firth

Performance Dates
31 January - 3 February 2024
2.30pm matinee Saturday 3rd Feb

The Bear Pit Theatre

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