Mrs Shakespeare
Presented by Wild Productions

  • Irene Kelleher as Mrs Shakespeare

    Irene Kelleher as Mrs Shakespeare

  • Irene Kelleher as Mrs Shakespeare

    Irene Kelleher as Mrs Shakespeare

  • Irene Kelleher as Mrs Shakespeare

    Irene Kelleher as Mrs Shakespeare

(Mrs) Shakespeare returns to life in female form after 400 years!

Following a year of success for writer Ian Wild and actress Irene Kelleher, their eagerly awaited  play, ‘Mrs Shakespeare’, will be performing in Stratford Upon Avon’s  Bear Pit Theatre Theatre July 18th -July 23rdth 2016.

‘Mrs Shakespeare’ has achieved much critical acclaim receiving FIVE ★★★★★reviews and the Argus Angel Award. Through the award winning production company Wild Productions, they have showcased their prevailing talents both nationally and internationally with performances Off Broadway (Cherry Lane Theatre, NYC), Stratford Upon Avon, Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, and Bristol Shakespeare Festival.

As highlighted by Brighton Fringe Review, ‘Mrs Shakespeare’ is “an engaging story from beginning to end with some hilarious moments and a couple of wonderful plot-twists”. It is an entertaining one woman comedy where William Shakespeare finds himself reincarnated in the present day as a woman. Mrs Shakespeare, finding herself in a mental asylum, comes to the conclusion that she has made a complete mess of writing ‘Hamlet’ four hundred years earlier.  Armed with a quill and beset by a rebellious cast of characters who are anxious not to be rewritten, she embarks on an epic reformulation of theatre’s most famous text under the new title of ‘Ophelia’. Her psychiatrist and the original dramatis personae of the play, however, are so against the idea, they contrive between them to send her mad.

Mrs Shakspeare Trailer


Mrs Shakespeare performed by Irene Kelleher
Written & Directed by Ian Wild
Ian Wild is a writer and composer from Enniskeane. His most recent published work is a novel: The Naked Umbrella Thieves. His broadcast works for RTE Radio include a comedy trilogy: Way out West, and 20 other stories for Fiction Fifteen. He has a collection of short stories The Woman Who Swallowed The Book Of Kells published by Fish and a volume of poetry entitled Intercourse With Cacti, (Bradshaw Books.) His highly successful musical comedies The Pirates in Short Pants, Marco Polo’s Toilet Brush, Reds Under the Beds and Spaghetti Western appeared in Cork Midsummer Festivals from 1999.

Irene Kelleher is an actress with a first class honours Class Honours Masters Degree specialising in Advanced Performance Practice. (UCC) Irene went on to further training with Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, Massachusetts where she played ‘Isabella’ in ‘Measure for Measure.’ She is
well known to Irish audiences as she has won multiple awards for her stage acting over the past two years in productions such as ‘The Playboy of the Western World’ (Pegeen Mike) and ‘Disco Pigs’ (Runt) (Mace Actor of the Year Award 2011) and Betty in ‘A Whistle in the Dark’ directed by Tim Coffey.Irene’s performance as 15year old Maria in ‘Stars In The Morning Sky’ at the Belgrade Theatre in the UK last year was critically acclaimed and in 2013 Irene was cast in the role of ‘Clarissa’ in the pilot for ‘REIGN’ a Television series for the Canadian Network CBS. More recently, February 2014 saw Irene perform alongside Mary McEvoy in Ailís Ní Ríain play ‘Desolate Heaven’ at Cork’s Everyman Palace Theatre. Irene’s Short Film ‘Outside The Box’ which she wrote and performs in the lead role of ‘Selina’ won Best Irish Short Film at the Corona FastNet Short Film Festival last May 2013.

Performance Dates
18 - 23 July 2016
8pm - 9pm

The Bear Pit Theatre, Rother Street, Stratford-upon-Avon

Running time
1hr (no interval)

In rehearsal...

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