Snuffnuff’s Emporium & Slavery


Bear Pit Theatre is delighted to be able to play host once again to Nuworks, the Australian Theatre Company as they stop off in Stratford upon Avon on their UK tour. Nuworks Theatre is a small and tight-knit ensemble based in Melbourne. They have performed consistently for the past twenty three years under the artistic direction of David Dunn, the company’s founding member. Over the years, they have largely produced new works written and directed by David. They bring with them on this trip two of his latest works – Snuffnuff’s Emporium and Slavery which they will perform as a double bill. Suitable for 11 year olds and above.

Snuffnuff’s Emporium Imagine what might happen if characters from literature escaped the confines of their respective novels, and ran amok through the annals of literature. Charles Dickens makes an appearance as does Mr Darcy, Miss Haversham, Nicholas Nickleby, and a number of other notables. There is a dreadful secret of course which is finally confronted and revealed and yes, a happy ending.

Slavery Slavery is a play, written by David Dunn featuring the Nuworks ensemble and the members of the Possible Dreams International Choir from Swaziland. It is a mostly factual historical amalgamation of events and characters with theatrical license taken as to precise relationships, dates and times.The PDI Choir from Swaziland form a backdrop to the action of the drama and sing though out the play. The play recalls The Zong Massacre, an infamous legal case that went to trial in London in 1883. The owners of the ship were accused of the murder of 142 African slaves thrown overboard in order to gain the insurance money. The Magistrate reluctantly ruled in favour of the ship owners as the slaves were considered cargo, with the same status as horses.

Performance Dates
23 September - 1 January 1970
7.30pm - 10.00pm
2 hours including 20 minute interval

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