Reaping Death
& Seymour Stiffs

Visiting Company: Essential Mix Theatre Company Production

Visiting Company: Essential Mix Theatre Company Production

Reaping Death

Anthony is a ‘rookie’ grim reaper who is eager to start his first day in his newly promoted role; he has his Death Incorporated Instruction Manual to hand and a winning smile, what more could he possibly need?  Well a mentor might help, oh and maybe if he knew which of the four delusional and dysfunctional women he has to escort to the afterlife, he might just be okay … he only has an hour … what could possibly go wrong?

Reaping Death is an original one act comedy. The idea was conceived by members of the company and the script written by local playwright, Rosalind Beeson.

Seymour Stiffs

Seymour Stiffs is the anti-clown, the ageless undertaker who is dying to meet you, but dare you spend an hour in his company?  Out of the darkness this minister of mirth and mayhem emerges. Charming, disarming and mysterious.  Step into Seymour’s chapel of unrest but be warned, there are no hiding places from your inner fears and weaknesses. Seymour will shock, mock and seduce.  Journey into the unknown.  “I am a jester, a joker, a dark provoker” S. Stiffs.

“Dead funny … highly humorous … cleverly scripted … this was comedy at its best”  Sandy Holt, Stratford Herald.

Essential Mix Theatre Company is based in Stratford Upon Avon. This show follows last year’s highly successful sell out show “Shaker’s Re-Stirred” by John Godber & Jane Thornton.

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Performance Dates
6 - 8 November 2014
7.30pm - 10.00pm
Saturday matinee at 2.00pm

Running time
2hrs incl. 20mins interval

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