The Henfield Haunting – written by Mark Carey

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the farmyard…….


In the countryside – no one can hear you scream…….


Why can’t Farmer Giles sleep? Why are the hens making so much noise? What’s that floating around the farmyard? Why do the sheep always stare at you like that? What happens if you don’t wash behind your ears?


Find out the answer to all these important questions and join in the fun as Farmer Giles spends the night being spooked by odd things that go bump in the night!


45 mins of interactive creepy Halloween farmyard fun for all the family with plenty of audience participation and silliness for all ages thrown in.


Dare you spend a night on the funny farm?

Performance Dates
30 - 31 October 2024
2.30pm - 3.15pm

The Bear Pit Theatre

Running time
45 mins


Buy tickets online

Ticket Hotline:
0333 666 3366

In person at:
The Bear Pit Theatre Box Office
from one hour before the performance

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