A Second Thoughts Drama Group Production

Twelfth Night

Directed by: Amanda Laidler

One of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies, Twelfth Night is filled with cases of mistaken identities- and gender- as twins Viola and Sebastian are split up after a shipwreck. While Viola decides to cross-dress to find work within high society, Sebastian tries to find Viola- only to be constantly mistaken for her, all while the courtiers Orsino and Olivia and their servants get their wires crossed in love. This production will be set in the 1960s – a decade of new freedoms, peace, funky fashion trends, and great music. A decade when man first stepped on the moon. A decade when anything seemed possible!


  • VIOLA – Georgina Monk
  • OLIVIA – Stephanie Jepson
  • MARIA – Christa Gaskell
  • SIR TOBY BELCH – Noel Dollimore
  • MALVOLIO – Tim Raistrick
  • FOOL – Chloe Wiltshire
  • FABIA – Gill Hines
  • ORSINO – Michael Thompsett
  • VALENTINA – Paige Hopper
  • CURIA – Samantha Nicholas
  • SEBASTIAN – Edythe Wurtzler
  • ANTONIO – Nic Walsh


  • DIRECTOR – Amanda Laidler
  • PRODUCER – Nic Walsh
  • COMPOSER/SOUND – Andrew Holtom
  • LIGHTING DESIGNER – Dwayne Dawson
  • COSTUME – Kate Guest

Second Thoughts is affiliated to NODA

Performances: Eves: 7.30 pm, Saturday matinee at 2.30 pm

Performance Dates
3 - 6 July 2024
7:30pm (Matinee Sat at 2:30pm)

The Bear Pit Theatre

£14 (£12 concessions)

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Ticket Hotline:
0333 666 3366

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